keep on movin’

We have so many interdependent tasks and just can’t get it all done at the same time. Every Friday we make a list of Things To Do over the weekend, and we never finish them all. Most frequently it seems the problem is that we’re not accounting for problems which arise part way through. Like the crumbling plaster everywhere. Nearly every time we want to attach something to a wall or ceiling we have to fill the intended drill hole with Polyfilla (other brands are available) and wait for it to set before we try again.

But the real issue is that there’s nowhere obvious to start. So many tasks are linked to others, it’s really hard to choose the next thing. After a chat with a wise friend I realised the truth I’d known but not recognised for some time. Just get on and do something. Pick the thing that most appeals at that moment. Or the thing that’s going to make your day-to-day life easier. Just do it. (Other trainers are available.)

So from now on it’s just about looking at the list and doing one of the things on it. Accepting that I can’t do everything. Acknowledging that it will take time. There’s no van waiting round the corner with an instant makeover team and tv crew ready to transform the house in 2 days. (Thank goodness, really, as their décor choices are generally dire.)

So this weekend we did a little bit of gardening and planned the first phase of turning a yard full of gravel into a gorgeous garden. We got the kitchen ready for the dishwasher installation. We’ve given up trying to fit the new lights, and are going to pay to make it someone else’s problem. A few things went up in the loft to free up some space downstairs, and we crowbarred all the guest pillows and duvets into vacuum bags and shoved them in the sofabed. Vacuum bags are such a godsend. And we finally ate the slightly scary salsify. (It turned up in the veg box and we had no idea what to do with it. Hugh Fairly-Longname suggested roasting with garlic and lemon, so we did, along with beetroot and blue potatoes.)

We’ve met a few more neighbours. booyaa got help off a lovely couple and their daughter when the topsoil delivery arrived but our wheelbarrow wouldn’t move. And he chatted over the back fence to the guy next door who was procrastinating over mowing the lawn. But that was a great opportunity to chat about the ridiculous tree in the garden that backs onto ours. We’re going to team up and sort it out.

Next weekend is Easter, so we have 4 solid days. Might manage to get the carpet up finally. And I have to make four curtains (*procrastination klaxon*).

Come back to the 80s with me.