house buying

one month in

It’s been an odd few weeks. When we moved here it was scorching hot. Today’s it’s chilly and

Introducing Number Eight 2.0

New home, new project, new neighbours, new challenges. It’s a two bedroom semi, built using local materials and

say hello, wave goodbye

It’s been a long time coming. Our plan when we bought number eight was to live here for

the housing market

When we bought the house we paid over the asking price. We originally put in an offer £5k under

first look

House tour of photos taken on Day 0. Moving day! Oh my goodness, the nerves. We’d left the

foot in the door

We bought a house! Years of saving, moving away from London because we couldn’t ever afford to buy

welcome to number eight

Welcome to Number Eight. Pull up a seat and watch as we make plans, mend some things, break