before and after

spring in the garden

Winter wasn’t very kind to the garden. So many plants withered to almost or absolute nothing. We were

uphill gardening

A before and after photo, lest we forget how far we’ve come. We’ve spent most of the past

Rip it up and start again

It’s happening! The builders are here, clearing the gravel as I type. Say goodbye to an unloved, underused,

sitting on the fence

We spent the bank holiday weekend painting the garden fence. I say we. It’s not easy painting a

a whiter shade of grey

Well, this has been a long time coming. Loooooooong time. Little Betsy is the reason. See, we’ve had

50 shades of grey

Oh boy. This was finished months ago but I haven’t revisited the blog to update it. The living

more floor

The floor in the living room is laminate straight over concrete. A couple of the neighbours have concrete

wash your face in my sink

It’s DONE! We have a shiny new bathroom! It’s been completed, with new coat of paint, for weeks, but someone forgot to upload the photos and click publish. So here is your rather belated tour of the bathroom. Here is the empty room to remind you where we started from. Here’s the whole room, tiled,

bathroom building: week two

Over the weekend we cleaned up the fine layer of dust covering everything in the house. We swept

bathroom building: week one

The bathroom building begins! Here’s how week one went. DAY 1 The plumber pulled up the floorboards, and